Shown here and below: scanned pages from Troost's swatch book, held in the Bavarian State Library.   "House Berghof, Great Hall"
 "Great Hall / living room" 
 "Fuhrer's bedroom / Blomberg [presumably Werner von Blomberg] - Guest room" 
 One of the Berghof's guest bedrooms. The fabric used on this couch can be seen in Troost's swatch book—see below. 
 A close-up of the couch pattern 
 The same fabric in Troost's swatch book 
 "Guest room" 
 "Bruckner's bedroom" [Refers to  Wilhelm Bruckner ] /  Servant's room / Apartment house administrator"    
 "Great Hall" 
 Gerdy Troost, pictured here in Munich's Haus der Kunst for the 1939 "Day of German Art."
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